Flu Season

6th November 2017


Wow where did all of that cold weather come from? All of a sudden the leaves are on the floor autumn has vanished inside a month and we are well on our way too, scratch that we are in winter. With winter comes the wonders of the never ending family cold, both our minis are in nursery now so the vicious circle of one of us always having a sniffle has started. That got me thinking, what can we do to help the whole family, that doesn’t involve hours of prep and has a positive impact from the littlest up to the biggest. As parents, we are all so time poor and the simplest solution is on the shelves in every supermarket we walk into.

Orange juice is the answer to our problem and here is why…….

  • A daily 150ml glass of orange juice (can be fresh or from concentrate, nutritionally they are exactly the same) provides all the vitamin C you need for the whole day and as a bonus, it counts as one of your 5 a day.
  • Pure orange juice is also a source of the B-vitamin folate.
  • This makes orange juice a good choice this time of year as both vitamin C and folate contribute to the healthy function of the immune system.

I was lucky enough to speak with top dietitian Sian Porter who shared some top tips to keep your family flu free and generally healthier through these cold otherwise flu filled months. Sian identified 5 different vitamins and minerals that we all need to get more of into our system especially going with minis in the house and the cold closing in. These specify vitamins and minerals will help to keep our immune system working in tip top order.

  1. Vitamin C

Source: orange juice

“Vitamin C contributes to the healthy function of the immune system. A daily 150ml glass of pure orange juice count as one of your five-a-day and contains the vitamin C you need daily.

Conveniently, pure orange juice is also a source of the B-vitamin folate, needed for white blood cells (that protect the body against infectious disease) to rapidly reproduce.”


  1. Iron

Source: spinach

“When it comes to filling your plate, it’s no myth that green is great! Winter greens such as spinach are rich in essential nutrients including iron and served alongside a winter warming bean stew this makes perfect eating for cough and cold season.”   


  1. Zinc

Source: almonds

“When winter creeps in, it’s tempting to snack on comfort foods like biscuits and chocolate but if you snack on a handful (about 28g) of nuts like almonds, they are a high good source of zinc which contributes to the healthy function of the immune system.”


  1. Selenium

Source: Mushrooms

“Like vitamin C, selenium is an important antioxidant that has a role in normal immune function. Mushrooms are a handy winter standby to give meals taste and texture, but they’re also a source of selenium.”


  1. Beta-carotene

Source: Carrots

“As well the part of our immune system known as ‘innate immunity’, the body also has processes in place called ‘adaptive immunity’ which is when the body recognises a virus it has encountered before and initiates a response. Vitamin A (the body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A) is needed for the development of cells which carry out this response. Adding veg rich in beta-carotene like carrots and red peppers will brighten up your winter dishes and boost your beta-carotene.”


So what you waiting for, the solution s probably already in your fridge, embrace it and stay healthy.


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