The Dadventure

28th November 2017

What is the Dadventure?

It would be easy to confuse the journey that is fatherhood with the dadventure but they are two different things entirely.

In my eyes the dadventure is that journey you take when you need a little time to yourself and you need to escape all the worries of the world. The adventure of dads, for themselves to feed their adventure.

So the guys at Burts, let me pause there quickly, Burts are the South West brand who make thick cut beyond awesome British crisps. They just so happen to be hand cooked in Devon and they thought that as the perfect dad snack that they could serve as the inspiration for the perfect dadventure.

So where was I, right, Burts thought the time had come to reward myself with a little dadventure of my own, you know being an awesome dad, great husband etc. So, me time, what would you do if you had a day to yourself and you could spend it in anyway that you wanted? You have a chance to win your perfect dadventure by entering Burts competition here.

So my starting point for the dadventure was a little bit of solitude and where better than the great british outdoors, a little hike punctuated with the chance to capture some amazing imagery, play with my drone and perhaps take in the odd beer and crisp on route. This is my ideal adventure, indulging all the things I love whilst having a little time off.

First up the car, it’s been a dream of mine to take a car out for the day without car seats, car snacks or car sick.

So off I went with my bag packed for a day on the road, all my kit, plenty of supplies and most importantly my Burts.

As you all know, we are huge on adventure and taking the opportunities that present themselves to us, whether that’s jetting off for 3m touring Thailand with two kids or hiking on the weekend, we try to foster that belief as much as we can with our kids.

We never say that you can’t do that or you shouldn’t try as it’s dangerous, if the mood takes you then just go with it and before I got to the solitude of the petts level I spotted kites in the air.


So rolling with the idea of not letting an opportunity go to waste I turned around and headed in the direction of the kites, that landed me at camber sands and right outside a kitesurfing school.

WOW is all I can say, there are moments when you are taken away on a gust of air that makes you believe that you are somewhere entirely different, there is a crazy calm and serenity when you are hurtling through the air attached to nothing but a kite.

This was probably one of teh steepest learning curves I have ever had, I am not a great surfer but can snowboard and it was the first time that I had ever kite surfed. It really is so important to get away from life as a parent and an employee to have #dadventures so that we can come home to our family and be better parents and husbands.

Wow again, I cant get over what a rush that was, terrifyingly great fun. I am beginning to see why so many people come down here every weekend, now if I could only get Etta on a surfboard then we would be winning 🙂

By this point the stomach is growling as you can imagine with all the exertion so what better than a pint a ploughmans and a bag of crisps sat by the beach.

With the sun getting ready to set I thought that I could go in search of some proper country to drive the car around and to get some beautiful images and drone footage so off I went to find camber castle. Flying the drone across the barren countryside to reach this place was amazing, nothing but green and blues before reaching the humble and stunning castle.

If you think this sounds like the perfect day out or have some other grand plans then don’t tell me., enter the competition on Burts homepage below.


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