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7th July 2018

There are so many moments in life that you remember, we all remember the first goal we scored for our team, getting married, that first big business deal, finding out you were having a baby and then having that baby and then there are the moments that we want to forget right?

One of those moments that makes all of us parents shudder is looking back at our baby’s first fever, I bet if you think back you can still smell what was cooking on the stove or what tv show you were watching when you realised your tiny bundle was not just a little warm but roasting, their poor little head was on fire.

So much prepares us for being a parent but nothing prepares you for that feeling of helplessness when they are sick and you are the only person charged with making sure they are comfortable and getting them well.

For the record, we were watching EastEnders (hands up it’s a guilty pleasure) and I was cooking my world famous not chilli chilli, Etta had started to get really restless on the baby monitor and Alice went to try and settle her, she had been gone way to long so I started making my way to see what was up and was met by a panicked Alice in the hallway holding our tiny Etta.

Obviously, with her being way too hot our immediate thought was to go grab our first aid box, this was woefully understocked and had been obliterated in the few years since we bought it and really if we were honest would have only probably patched up a grazed knee at the best of times.

At this point we probably went on the same journey that so many anxious new parents did when their mini’s had their first fever, what time is it? Where can we buy a thermometer and what’s the best one to buy? How do you take a 3m old babies temperature when she is screaming at you and how hot is too hot? Quick factoid 😉 When they are younger what is considered a dangerously high temperature is at a lower point than when they are older.

  • your baby’s temperature is 38C (101F) or higher if they’re under three months
  • your baby’s temperature is 39C (102F) or higher if they’re three to six months Source

I know that I have used the term panic and anxious already but those are the two words that Alice and I singled out when we were trying to remember how we felt.

If you fast forward to the week of May 24th you may recall us posting from hospital where we ended up with Ezra (again) because whenever this littlest kiddo of ours gets a virus he immediately pops a scorching hot temperature and then does funny things like going limp etc, I say this a little bit nonchalantly as we have been through it enough times to be on first name terms with the paediatric A&E Dr’s but the feeling of hopelessness never really goes away.

I think that it’s a parents curse really the worry but but but there is something right now that can actually help us along the way or at least to get some sleep when they are sick with a fever, after all they need us on the top of our game so we can look after them.

We have had the opportunity to play with the most amazing of medical devices, the Nurofen FeverSmart is what we all need, this little box of wonders allows us to attach a little sticky device under our minis armpit which then talks to a base station which in turn talks to an app. Sounds complicated, it’s not.

All you need to know is that once your mini has a fever you get a live feed of their temperature to check on your app, this references the danger zones specifically for the age of your mini and then alerts you when their temperature spikes. I know this won’t stop us waking up in the middle of the night but it does mean that the babies get to stay asleep and we can monitor them from the comfort of our own beds without needing to open that creaky door to their rooms.

You can buy the FeverSmart today with discount code FEVERSMARTLondonDad30 for 30% off at #Ad

We love it and rarely give a product our seal of approval but this is worth it for the better nights sleep for all the family alone.

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