A new App in town!

20th September 2016

So there is a new app in town. Most of you already know of my love for saving money where I can for myself and you guys as I must have posted 10 times through instagram about one supermarket or another’s half price pampers offers but things are about to change for the better.

The guys at pampers have come up with a loyalty scheme, The Pampers Club, that will turn every nappy you buy into points and in turn money off future purchases or for awesome rewards. To give you an idea of what you can buy with the points and how the points accrue take a look at the image below.


So one of our great british pounds is equivalent to 10 points. 500 points equals £2 off a future purchase. Those points are going to rack up pretty quickly as we all know our minis can burn through up to 10 nappies a day when they are younger and then if like us you are potty training she wants a change every time she successfully wees in the potty or not.

Just a quick note on the other rewards that you can get in exchange for those points, if like me you cannot resist a parenting magazine then you can try out the likes of Gurgle and mother and baby on 3 month subscriptions. If they don’t take our fancy then you can get yourself some amazing disney licensed toys.

All fairly self explanatory I think you will agree. So what next…………Yep download it. Its free and simple to set up, just requiring an email so follow this link here and get it on your smartphone. If you are quick enough and download the app between sept 19th and 23rd then you will receive a 1,000 point bonus……. Thats £4 off a purchase in laymans terms.

To give you a brief rundown of how it works logistically, you just scan your receipt containing a pampers purchase and some clever boffins at pampers have devised a way to read that and credit your account with the correct amount of points.pampers-1pmpers-2

What have you got to lose? Not only do you know your baby’s skin is being looked after by the best product and market leading nappy in town but you get to save some money. Thats a win win in my book. Here is a link to the download page again for android and iphone if you were not convinced to click higher up the page.

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