All about that good nights sleep in the heat!!!!! Simba time

3rd July 2018

My nan, god rest her soul had an amazing saying

“you spend most of your life in shoes or in your bed so always buy good shoes and a nice mattress”

kind of makes good sense doesn’t it? So how many times have you seen the adverts on the train or tube offering you a free 100 nights trial of a mattress and thought that sounds like a good idea.

Being the dad that I am I thought it a good idea to do my research and find out which would be best for us and when I mean us I mean the one that is going to be good for every single member of the family, cat included, as well we always end up with us all in the same bed most of the time.

Wanna know what we came up with??? All hail the lion king, SIMBA IS KING!!!!!! Why? You get a 100-night trial and unique layers in
the mattress plus they look great, have an awesome colour scheme and the bedframe, more of that later.

Ordering online was an absolute breeze and what amazed us before the bed even turned up was the quality of contact letting us know when the order would be despatched etc.

Onto the bed itself, when you think of a mattress delivery you think of what a nightmare it will be to get into your house then in the room, worry no more.

Wanna see whats in this beautiful box? Whats that you say? It can’t be a mattress can it?

So now with the excitement of us and the kids getting a MATTRESS out of this tiny but maybe a little heavy box we were onto the putting it together and getting a good nights sleep.

And here is the finished article, what a beauty.

The gorgeous bedframe is available too but only for a limited time so be quick.


The most important thing here is how is it for a nights sleep? We have had a noticeable improvement in our sleep with this mattress! Simply awesome to wake up with no aches or pains, and to feel like you have actually had a proper nights sleep. Even during the heatwave, we have had no problems with overheating and that’s with Our 13.5 tog duvet!

What are you waiting for? Go buy one now, and lucky for you guys we have a discount code, details below.

Hit the link to get £50 quid off Discount

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Simba as we were gifted the mattress and frame.

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