Cooking something delicious with Gousto

15th September 2018

I’m the Chef in our house. Alice is generally child-wrangling or doing the bedtime battle past 6pm which leaves the chef-ing to me. I don’t mind it at all though, it can be the most relaxing, rejuvenating and social (I always call my mum or mates while doing the dinner) time. On top of that, nothing beats sitting down to a meal completely hand cooked.

I’ll admit, having a home cooked meal every night can be a challenge. Especially on nights during the week when it’s been a long day in the office. That’s why when we first heard about Gousto we were hooked from the get-go. All the natural ingredients properly weighed and prepped ready to go into your delicious dinner.

I’ve popped the recipe cards for two of our favorites dinners below – Creamy Haddock Linguine with Tomatoes & Chilli, and Pork, Pineapple & Red Onion Tacos. Alice just loves the Tacos and the best thing about them is that everyone in the family can build the Tacos to suit their taste. The reason we love the Linguine is simply that it is the easiest way to get the kids eating fish!! They love this meal and Alice has even put some leftovers into Etta’s school lunch box.

Then, Gousto introduced us to their plans of a Chef-less Restaurant!! Have you ever been to a Chef-less Restaurant? Us neither!! But the guys at Gousto have launched the UK’s very first Chef-less Restaurant because they know that, with the right ingredients, amazing things can happen.
The Chef-less Restaurant will be an opportunity for you to cook fresh ingredients into delicious dishes and then enjoying your creations in a restaurant setting!! We’re headed to our first Chef-less Restaurant experience soon and we can’t wait. If you would like to experience the Chef-less Restaurant for yourself then you can purchase tickets here for only £2.98 + VAT, the standard price of a Gousto box. Gousto have also partnered with The Trussell Trust so that for every ticket bought, a meal will be given to a family in need across the UK.

To celebrate their new Chef-less Restaurant experience, the guys at Gousto are giving away two Gousto boxes for four people containing any four meals of your choice £100 worth of Gousto food!!! To enter, please leave a comment below this post with your 4 meal choices. Head over to for more information and to choose the meals you want to win.
This blog post has been sponsored by Gousto, however, all opinions are my own.


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