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29th August 2017

I was lucky enough to be invited to one of my favourite hotels Thursday night to hang out with some folks at Disney and get an exclusive sneak peek at their new coming of age comedy drama Andi Mack.


Now I don’t want to spoil the fun too much but I will give you a quick lowdown of episodes 1 and 2, this show is described as contemporary by a whole load of critics out there but to me, it’s a terrifying insight into the teenage years to come. Okay, okay not terrifying in the keep you up at night kind of way, but it’s so real, honest, and brings back memories of those crazy years from 12 onwards when your life flips upside down. The terrifying part is probably only true if you are a parent, Andi Mack struck such a Nostalgic tone of second guessing yourself, wonderment at life and the mix of fear and excitement about what is to come from life.

Episodes 1 + 2

When you meet Andi, she is your average, slightly geeky (not sure if we are allowed to say that but she definitely isn’t being pitched as a cheerleader or sports star, which is fine) 12 year old who is turning 13 tomorrow. She is ready to start a rebellion against her parents and is seen walking her newly purchased electric scooter up the road to her house, her besties are convinced that she will chicken out before she gets home to her strict mother and she does.

Before she is able to get to her front door her cool AF big sister comes roaring up to the house on a Harley and it transpires that her sister left home some time ago but travels the world from adventure to adventure. Disapproving hard ass mom isn’t too pleased with her eldest daughter being home but as it’s Andi’s b day tomorrow, everything is left to another day to sort out.

There is a heart throb involved too, Jonah Beck, if I was a 13-year-old girl then he would be my dream guy, not only is he cute, he is captain of the Ultimate frisbee team, yeah I know ultimate frisbee, how cool and yes I googled it…. it’s a thing and is legitimately played around the world…….. Feeling kinda old right now.

Big sis arranges for Jonah Beck to give Andi an ultimate (yeah that’s what the cool kids call it) lesson and it goes amazingly well, at the end of the lesson Andi is furious with her sister and they have a falling out only for Jonah to text Andi later, unsurprisingly all is forgiven with Bex.

All good shows need a villain or enemy and the GF of Jonah, Amber who just so happens to be attending High school takes the role superbly well. It’s at this point I started looking forward to the teenage years with my kids.

Again not wanting to give too much away there is a huge bombshell that happens in episode two that makes the show feel like it represents the modern family really well, just think of that other successful modern family show, well Andi Mack is the perfect Disneyfied encapsulation of that.

When the lights went up I wanted to know what happened, not just because the bomb shell is huge but it feels like the show has been written in such a way not just to connect with your kids but with you as well as a parent, the parents have their faults like in real life and it will be interesting to see where their story goes.

If you have pre teen kids then this is a must, if you have younger than that then stream the show on Disney life when the kids are in bed, I will.

Andi Mack airs Friday 8th September on Disney Channel and DisneyLife.

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