Baby Development

2nd July 2017

Ezra is on the brink of crawling and, unlike with Etta, Alice and I are readying ourselves for the scrapes, the bruises, the frustration and the overwhelming sense of achievement he will get every time he hits a milestone.

I remember with Etta, when she learnt to roll over we were amazed. And then we were equally amazed every time she learnt a new mode of movement – crawling to toddling, toddling to walking, walking to running. You are filled with amazement, pride and a touch of fear for their new found independence. This is the moment to switch to Pampers Active Fit Nappy Pants – that way you don’t even have to stop the wriggles when they need to be changed as they so easy to use just pull them on in one go – your babe hardly has to stop!

Etta learnt to walk on a holiday we went on to Santorini when she was just about 1 year old. The floor was hard and filled with danger so we constantly had her up on her feet trying to walk. This is the best way to help your baby learn to walk – get them on their feet holding on to you and toddling at every opportunity! Unfortunately for our babe, the heat + her nappies (we forgot to take nappies from home and she didn’t have Pampers!!) meant that she got terrible chafing inside her legs. Each time your baby learns to move in a new way, your baby’s nappy needs to adapt to the new movement to keep them safe, happy and clean. If only we had had Pampers with us it would have been a MUCH nicer holiday.

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