Baking with the best bunny in town.

6th April 2017

Hey everyone – just want to start with a piece of pretty exclusive information, now exclusive is a bit of a push if we were sat somewhere sophisticated hanging with some friends over a decent bottle of wine. Fast forward from that life we all used to live and the world of parenting that we are all knee deep in, pretending to love all the time but at times just wanting a damn break…… Well this exclusive news wont give you that break bnut it will make you just about the most informed parent at nursery or the school gates.

Now time for that drumroll………. Bing Bunny is on insta, yeah thats right Bing is gramming. It’s the big one, move over all other pre school cartoons the main man is in town :))) Follow him here

Totes amazing news on that front, now that you have all jumped out of insta to follow him and probably via whatsapp to tell some of the less informed folk I also wanted to tell you about the amazing Bing app for ios (should he be capitalised? I know its his name but he is so cute and is such a friend to us in our hours of need it just feels like he should be bing not Bing, he just isn’t grown up enough)

Anyways the app is based around baking and lets your minis and you go through all the steps in making perfect cookies just like in the episode called “Baking” thats currently on iplayer. We found it really fun as we watched the tv programme then I rolled out the app and its intuitive and easy enough for Etta to get to grips with and she isn’t 3 til June. To literally put the icing on the cake we knocked up a batch of lamingtons as we were in such a baking mood.

Lamingtons are great to make with kids as it involves cutting out the shapes, double dipping in chocolate and then covering with desiccated coconut.

TV show, app, baking! Totally killed an afternoon and was loads of fun in the process.

Fessing up time, I wasn’t paid to talk about the bing app but we were sent a load of gorgeous bing toys to play with which I guess is payment in kind. Make of that what you wish. If you are boing fans then there are reviews of all sorts of bing activities, toys, books etc going on thsi week with a bing tour. Next up is tomorrow! Go give her a follow on instagram too.

Laters peeps

Greg x

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