Cars 3…..

17th November 2017

Wow wow wow wow – if we were playing jeopardy this would be the answer to the question
“ Describe the new Cars 3 Movie in 4 words “
So we know the formula already from pixar, I am not talking that it follows an easy to predict storyline, what I mean is they have cracked it again, a movie that pleases everyone in the room.
The guys at Pixar know how to make a movie that keeps our minis tuned in from start to finish as well as giving us parents plenty to laugh at with our kids as well as a few moments that are only there for us.
Okay let’s have another jeopardy style go and see if you can figure out what the question is and no peeking ahead. Answer – Potato head or Lightning McQueen.
Did you get it? Yep here we go the correct question was
“Which character would you be from a pixar movie”
It’s actually a really difficult question to answer but since I met Lightning McQueen back in April of this year we have been besties ;p
So less about me and more about this ace movie, the usual crew are back from the rest of the series, lightning McQueen and the crew as well as a few great new characters. The storyline revolves around a new breed of super high tech race cars, think Lightning as an italian supercar and the new chap Storm is a Tesla. So the race is on to prove who is best or maybe the real task at hand is for Lightning McQueen to prove he is still relevant 🙂
It really is such a great movie and like all great Pixar films it demonstrates how to be down and come back against all the odds with perseverance and determination which is a great lesson that we could all do with learning.
If you missed the movie in the cinema then go get the DVD, if you loved it in the cinema, go get the DVD. It’s in the shops and makes a great stocking filler x
This post was written in exchange for attending a special event

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