Daddy Cool?

3rd June 2016

Been a while since I posted anything, I am here and 100% committed to stick with me, we have loads of stuff scheduled and ready to rock and roll.


So this is less of a post about anything and more of a wonder about being a father to a daughter and is the world actual upside down on its head. I love that along with the 90s being the new thing again we are blessed with the resurgence of girl power. Who would have thought that the #mumboss is trending everywhere all of the time. Maybe its always been around and its just now I am part of a world of mums and dads that its ever more apparent to me. I keep saying that dads are becoming cool this year and 2016 is the year of the dad, that could be me trying too hard to believe it. Have dads always been cool? and now i am part of the next generation of dads carry the baton to pass onto those expecting fathers to come? Are we in fact merely the gaurdians of coolness to pass onto our children just like a Patek Phillipe?

What do you think? I reckon we fall into two camps, little girls who always think their dads are cool and little boys who want to be their dads. Then teenage boys want to be everything their dads are not before coming full circle and wanting to be their dads again. I reckon it could be the realisation that through all the tiredness, hard work and dirty nappies its bloody hard yet we keep smiling and keep moving onwards and upwards. That in itself is cool

I know from the way that Etta copies her mum and wants to mummy her babies she thinks her mum is so cool. I just hope that one day I can be father to a son and have him think i am the coolest man on the planet.

Just remember to our minis we are David and Victoria Beckham.

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