Don’t come a knocking when the hotel is Rocking

10th July 2017

Okay okay this isn’t probably going in the direction that you thought this post might have been heading. You probably already know that in all of our infinite parenting wisdom have decided to take our show on the road and do a bit of a world tour.

Well that was the plan or should I say the plan was to have 3 months as a taster, spend a month getting to Bali then spend the next two month with Ubud (hippy vibe) or Canggu (painstakingly  cool kinda if you know you know vibe) as our base to explore a little slice of South East Asia.

But you know as parenthood goes life and that is in the unexpected direction, we flew to Bangkok thinking we would acclimatize for a week or two before setting sail and ended up staying a month. We found our own little slice of thai city paradise and looking back on it I don’t think we were as ready to decompress and escape the city life as we had expected. I mean who would move away from eating A grade sushi every night for under a fiver for both of us?

Eventually, we grew a pair and decided to seek adventure outside of our fabulous if a little too comfortable serviced apartment. Etta’s birthday was just around the corner and by our own admissions hadn’t lived up to our own expectations f what we should have done for her 1st and 2nd birthdays.

Then it came to me, many moons ago in another life I had stayed at a swanky 5 star in penang and down the road was a soon to be 3 year olds dream, the hard rock hotel. If like me you know the hard rock hotels of N.America then you would think this is party central but in reality this hotel is pampers central, mini water park and acres of room for the kids to play without a DJ in sight unless you count the twice monthly under 11s foam party which comes with the obligatory few thousand rubber duckies.

I gotta say when we first arrived,the noise from the pool was deafening, we are talking children everywhere. Full discalimer, it was Malay and Singapore school holidays so iyt was peak time.


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