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19th December 2017

Sometimes you spend mornings rushing out the door, nothing goes according to plan, the kids
scream, they don”t want to go to nursery and things don”t get any better until you pick them up
again. And then you have mornings like today when this little guy and his sister were a dream,
they woke up at 6am like they were supposed to, open their advents and then jumped straight
into the bath.

This is where the day’s precedent was set and the game changer comes into play, now Dove
products are of course a no brainer, we all have our bathrooms stocked full of them and so have
our parents before us but what”s been missing?
Did you figure it out yet? That’s right where are all of the Dove baby products? Dove has built on
their 60 year heritage of moisture and mildness products to create a set of products that go
beyond mildness to replenish essential moisture and nutrients in baby skin. Did you know that
baby skin is thinner than that of adult meaning it is more likely to lose moisture and be prone to
dryness. Therefore it requires more than just mild and gentle cleansing to keep it healthy and
protected and even better yet it’s dermatologically tested, pediatrician approved and safe to
use every day even on newborns
This morning we bathed the kids in the amazing Baby Head To Toe Wash Rich Moisture if you
don”t trust me go buy it and see for yourselves it”s less than two quid in the shops, it creates
plenty of bubbles and leaves their skin feeling super soft.
That is not enough in our eyes we took the two minis and threw them straight on the bed (okay
not threw, placed gently, they are babies after all) and covered them in the dreamy Baby Rich
Moisture Baby Lotion. With a start to the day like that what could go wrong? Nothing right.
We are huge fans and have been using them for the last few weeks and can say that they are
100% london dad recommended.
It”s useful to quickly note there is a Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Range too that is fragrance-free
to take extra special care of babies with sensitive skin. Designed to be kind to dry skin; it’s
also hypoallergenic so clinically proven to minimise allergy risks and is pH neutral with tear-free
And if that isn’t enough and we haven’t been kind enough already here are five further handy
tips to help keep baby’s skin happy in winter:
· Make sure baby’s bath is at the correct temperature and consider keeping baths to
a maximum of up to 5 minutes
· Consider moisturising baby’s skin more often – the best time to moisturise is after
a bath!
· Dress your baby in layers of soft breathable fabrics such as cotton. Using layers
allows you to quickly adjust your baby’s temperature when moving from inside to outside

– it’s just as important to not be too hot as it is too cold. As a general guideline, babies
need one extra layer than adults
· Consider using an indoor humidifier to stop the air at home also being too dry for
baby’s skin
· Try and protect your baby from cold winds by placing a cover on your pram/push
chair and remember a hat and gloves if you’re outside in the cold for an extended period
of time.


In sponsorship with Baby Dove

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