Fruity pops with Isey Skye

28th October 2017

Totally in love with this – sure this is the hugest plug you will see going but genuinely every single member of the household is in love with Isey Skye. Sure you can eat it like regular people, you know – pot, spoon, hand to mouth but there is no fun in that and as you all know we are all about the fun and good vibes. But before we get to the fun let’s get back to basics.


  1. It’s totally accessible to kids, great taste and colours that make your minis want to put it in their mouth.
  2. It’s so healthy, high in protein, fat free, high in calcium and an amazing source of vitamins
  3. The milk used is sourced from local icelandic farmers, the cows consume the highest quality icelandic water and due to the climate there are no pesticides used in the farming


Now if that’s not a trio of wins and a good enough reason to go out and try some then our frozen fruity pops video should push you over the edge.


Instructions. – note these are in complete dad hack mode.

Fruity pops on Vimeo.

Empty a drawer in your freezer and place a baking tray or roasting tin in there.

Grab a small ziplock bag

Spoon in the Isey Skye

Squeeze down to one end

Remove the air and then zip up.

Cut the corner off the ziplock bag

Pipe onto the frozen roasting tin / baking tray

Throw in the freezer and entertain your mini for an hour.

Remove with a fish slice or ice scraper

Place into the cleaned piping bag and store in the freezer

Oh, and then eat them, it’s gorgeous.

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