Go wild in the Aisle!

16th April 2017

No your not that lucky, Supermarket sweep and the perma-tan Dale Winton are not back but we have something that is just as fun for you to take advantage of. Obviously the school holidays have come to a close but that doesnt mean our kids dont need entertaining.

There are just not enough free papers and magazines to keep my big little one amused and only so many games of “I spy with my little eye” that you can play. BTW she isn’t a child genius, our version of eye spy starts with colours and quickly deteriorates into E just telling us what she has spied and then getting super excited that we have guessed right. If we are all being honest then it is mummy and daddy who tire of this game quicker than Etta does.

So if like us you need to something fabulous and let’s face it something cheap/free then get yourselves down to Westfield and not only entertain your minis at the aisle of wonder, you can actually feed them for nothing too.

I wish that there was actually an ‘Aisle of Wonder’ machine that produced amazing blends of cereal for us to try but its more fun than that, grab a pot and fill it up with your choice of 10 Nestle cereals. Once you are done and dusted with the cereal selection you can choose from a choice of fresh fruit and chocolate toppings and then pour over your choice of milk.

As you can see my sweet tooth won out and I poured chocolate milk over my cereals and topped that bad boy with chocolate drops and strawberries. Don’t judge, a man’s gotta do what a mans gotta do right?

Now I know that there will be plenty of people who may say there is too much sugar in some of these cereals but its all down to personal choice. If you can stomach a plain shreddie or plain oats then go for it but if you wanna get your whole fibres into you and your kids there is a little give and take that has to take place. Like all of parenting, it’s the compromise between doing what’s right and doing what works.

It’s also interesting to note that you will have less sugar consumed in a bowl of frosted shreddies than you will by topping your plain shreddies with a teaspoon of sugar.

Obviously, Westfield Stratford isn’t close to everyone so you might not get a chance to get down there and you will miss out on the chance to make a personalised packet of cereals with your name on it. Seriously it’s the coolest thing.

Anyways if you can’t get there, head over to my Instagram and enter the competition and you could still get that personalised box.

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