How to bath a newborn

17th January 2017

Right hello everyone it seems like I have been away from my keyboard for quite some time but I am guessing you I understand the pause in my blogging.We gave Ezra his first bath Friday night and he absolutely loved it, with that in mind we thought it would be good to share a few tips for bathing your mini for the first time. We have done this once before but we actually found a few of these tips quite helpful and if you are too lazy to read ahead then give this little video below a blast.

How to bathe your baby.

  1. Start with just a minimal amount of water, the object here is washing and some binding time rather than unwinding like you or I might in the bath. The temp should be between 90 – 100f, use the thermometer that you got in your baby first aid kit to check. One last thing on that water, make sue you give it a good stir around so there are no localised hot spots.
  2. We found it best to cradle them in one arm and wash with the other if you are doing it in the sink etc but our preferred method is in a purpose build baby bath with insert to support them resting on their back. No matter how well supported they are, don’t leave alone them for a second.
  3. Gently cleanse around your baby’s eyes with a cotton pad dampened with clean, warm water. Use a new cotton pad for each eye and always wipe from the inside corner of the eye outward. Then, using a soft washcloth, wipe around your baby’s mouth, nose and whole face, working from the middle outward. Wipe the creases in her neck and don’t forget behind her ears!
  4. We used Johnsons Head to Toe Wash on a little baby sponge that we got at the hospital and the little chap lapped it up.
  5. Wash the diaper area last. For a baby girl, cleanse the genital area washing from front to back. For boys, gently wash the penis and genital area, also washing from front to back, and dry thoroughly. For an uncircumcised boy, avoid pulling back the foreskin.
  6. During the whole process pour  cups of warm water over your mini to keep them warm and do the same at the end whilst allowing them time to enjoy the end of their little bath.
  7. Now your mini is gonna be a whole lot more slippery to take out ten when you put them in so be sure to grasp them with one hand under each arm to lift them out and wrap your arms around them as soon as possible
  8. Be sure to pay special attention to all your babies creases as the excess moisture could cause skin discomfort.
  9. Pat dry with a towel before wrapping them up all ready for bed.
The key thing is to remember to have fun and they will have fun, if they are under four months try to use white and black wash clothes and sponges as the geometric black and white shapes are great sensory play for them.
Also babies are all different, some like to bathe before eating and some after so if they don’t enjoy their first bath play around with the timing.
Enjoy folks. x

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