How well does Etta know Daddy?

10th June 2017

Father’s day is such a special time of year for me, I know that may sound obvious but I became a father for the first time 5 days before fathers day in 2014.  I remember spending the previous 20 years thinking it was all a bit naff, let’s get one thing straight, my dad is amazing but going through teenage years and the rebelling through my youth you loose sight of what a dad really does for you.

So here I was fresh from the emotions of childbirth and meeting my child for the first time and Alice gives me a little box, I open it up and it’s a world’s best dad mug, it’s at that point the whole of my childhood makes sense, you realize why they cared so much and smiled at every handmade card and gift you gave them, this is parenthood.

So when the lovely folks at got in touch with the idea of asking Etta questions so that she can get to know me a little better, we thought why not?

Sure we all know that our kids worship the grounds we walk on but what would Etta answer when posed with a serious of questions and me?

Take a look at the video below – > How do you think your minis would answer? I have included the questions at the bottom of the blog so that you can have a go yourself.

So it turns out that Etta knows me quite well but it’s so insightful to know that what she thinks of me at 10 days shy of her third birthday, the reality is she knows the person I am when I hang with her and why should she know any different. That again sums up parenthood, it’s all about the kids and don’t they know it.

Also to clarify, anything that Etta wears on her legs are knickers, trousers, shorts knickers etc and she is obvs referring to me wearing Alice’s shorts to the gym….…… no no seriously I do J

Lastly, Alice and Etta had to figure out what it is that I am part x alongside being part dad, all I know is that I hope they don’t think I am part DIY enthusiast part dad as I don’t even own a screwdriver.

Edit… Just asked them and it turns out I am part dad x part globetrotter which seems spot on, the gift has been chosen and is on its way to me now. Let’s see what it is when it turns up.

Why not try and surprise the dad in your life with a gift that lets him know that you know him better and those questions as promised…. Hopefully, these can assist with finding the perfect present #GetToKnowDad


What’s the coolest thing Dad’s ever done?

What’s Dad’s favorite thing to do?

What’s the most embarrassing thing Dad’s ever done?

What does Dad do at work?

If Dad could have any job in the world what would it be?

What makes Dad really happy? / What does he love doing?

What’s Dad really good at?

What’s the cheekiest thing Dad’s ever done?

If Dad could be anyone in the world, who would he be?

What’s the funniest thing Dad’s ever done?

What was Dad’s favorite holiday?

If Dad could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

What’s Dad’s favorite food?

If you were going to get Dad a gift, what would he like?

Draw Daddy’s favorite thing

What makes Dad laugh?







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