International day of the girl

9th October 2016

Just a quick bit of background about why I have taken such an interest in the international day of the girl.

After 12 years working around the world in a pretty successful career in finance I decided that my 3 month old daughter was far to important to me. I had spent the entire first 3 months of her life not seeing her in the morning and evenings and basically spending the weekend with her at best. So I quit, seeking a higher calling to be a dad, husband and better person to the world rather than what some strange people judge success and wealth in.

Its corny but I felt like my true wealth and happiness was only achieved when I was at home with my three girls and yep I am talking to you as well there Cat the dog.

Disillusioned with the corporate rat race and wanting to do something worthwhile I decided to work at a charity call centre (paid work but gave me exposure to a wide range of causes.) where I came across a charity called Plan UK. They were running a fundraising campaign that focused on the international day of the girl and the plights of young girls faced by girls around the world. As a new daddy to a baby girl it really struck a cord with me and has stayed with me until now.

The charity call centre was more of a boiler room than any trading floor that I had worked on and I quit after two weeks and decided to take some time out to relax with my girls and figure out what our next step would be.

Alice started avocado magazine which lead to me starting my instagram and then one thing lead to another and we arrive at today. Today is two days until the international day of the girl and I want you to get involved with our coordinated social media campaign. However large or small your following is, you still have a platform to share information, inspire others and help spread awareness for some truly amazing causes. If someone follows you then they already buy into what you are saying, to give it some perspective my two posts on instagram have had over 500 responses from people like you who want to share some words. Followings range from 18 to 225k, email me, direct message me or comment below to get involved.

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