London dad meets Batdad

20th February 2017

Lego Batman Movie Tux

First off wow what a privilege to interview a movie star and a chap who I just happen to love from the days of watching him play Job in Arrested Development. Will Arnett is not one of those Hollywood people that is hugely known but if you know him then you know he is a comedy legend and someone who is proper feisty in interviews.


The sweat and tears that you see in the interview -> below -> are real. I was shaking terrified and had a moment of dry mouth that pretty much dehabilitated me halfway through. You will see where it is as we left it in the edit, I pause there is an awkward silence and I gulp, trying desperately to push some moisture into my mouth. It half worked and I got to the end of 5 minutes without a large embarrassing moment. I think he went gently on me.

Now its important to point out that this IS NOT AN AD so when I recommend going to see it thats my opinion and not one I have been paid top express. It’s a fun movie that is fast paced and probably a little tough for anyone under 4 to follow. Aside from that I say go see it, it gets a London Dad guarantee, not one where I refund your money if you don’t like it but a guarantee its a great way to spend 90minutes with your kids as there is plenty enough to keep you entertained alongside your minis.

It is out now so go watch it and tell me if you agree.

Enjoy Greg



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