Three, Four, More in the bed and the little one said………

17th August 2017

A lot has changed in the last month, we were planning our next six months on the road, figuring out where to spend Christmas and eat amazing city we would see in New year with.

Fast forward a month and we have had one of our biggest contracts scaled back by 75% effective immediately. That 75% that has evaporated is the difference from being on the road and not. Our trip was always self funded, sure we had the odd night thrown out way and occasional upgrade but we paid for everything ourselves as we didn’t want our experience compromised.

The money isn’t life changing in that out quality of life will change but it is life changing in terms of our plan.

So no more Xmas in Melbourne with family, no more new year in Hong Kong and most definitely no beaches in the foreseeable future.

Life is funny at times, so having la see to this bad news we set about finding ourselves a house, we found one and then lost it because of a letting agent lying to us, that is a story for another time.

What we do have now is a move in tomorrow to a beaut of a new build next to east Croydon station.

The last 4 months or so we have shared a room, Ezra in his cot at the end of the bed, Etta laying diagonally between us and on occasion cat at the bottom of the bed.

It’s gonna be great to have cat back and to share a bed with Alice without a mini in the room with us but how do we do it?

How do you move two kids out let alone one? I remember when we finally moved Etta into her own room, we were terrified and at times even with her as ago year old we worried about her in her big room on her own.

E and e are gonna share a room and we hope that will make the whole moving process easier, Ezra adores his big sister and she is amazing with him and we hope that the whole your area of girl show him how to do it thing is going to work in our favour.

The theory is great but we are filled with fears of a month of sleepless nights, Ezra keeping Etta awake and vice versa. I am still not ready for my little baby girl to grow up let alone my delicate little monster of a son.

All tips gladly received and listened too.

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