My problem with Cosmoplitan magazine

6th June 2016

I am sure a lot of you would have seen the snapchat at weekend from Cosmo that listed the 11 things you learn about boys that are still applicable to the men you are dating now. I know it was supposed to be a tongue in cheek piece lampooning the things that we do and I actually take those articles with a pinch of salt and a laugh. But it actually made me think about the double standards that are being set, if a mens magazine was to have written that about women then it probably would have caused quite a stir.

Mocking being incesed to Alice i decided to check out what goes on with Comspolitan lately, i like most men have had a cheeky read of it whilst its been lying around. Since the dawn of time teenage boys and girls have filled out the sex survey, tried to reenact the position of the month to realise that only barbie and ken can bend that way and we have all read those articles about how to blow a mans mind.

As a now mid 30’s dad i think I look on them quite differently now to how i would have done before e had entered the equation. They make me angry, I am not a prude, two consenting adults or teens should be able to blow each others minds with whatever the latest sex craze is. I cant believe I just wrote that. I am turning more and more into my father as each day passes but you get where I am coming from.

The part that angers me are the sex headlines. To me now as a father they indicate that its vitally important to be blowing your mans mind and to be honest as a man I read those and actually think that it is quite degrading to women. Are these headlines putting an unrealistic expectation of sex on our young men and women? This is how I see it, not as it is seen but if i interpret this way then how will our daughters and more importantly the men / boys who date them. I am all for empowering our young women and wont shy away from the fact that that includes empowering them sexually. I believe that if we empower our girls correctly then they can stand up to the men who bully and cheat their way into their lives and the next generation can say no when they want to.

Maybe as a father I worry to much and in fact its all a right of passage that we go through and its down to us to teach our daughters and sons. I know that is all true but I still feel like we can help if we make a fundamental shift in the way that we market sex to the next generation.


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    1. Very well said!! It seems they sell “Sex” on the cover for those interested.Their is a guy named “Jake”that talks about his dating experiences and gives advice in Cosmo, I get so upset with his stories about the women he dates.I believe when you become the Father of a Baby girl it changes your views,but,I’m sure you were a perfect gentleman before!

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