30th March 2017


Okay so a quick show of hands, how many of you think too much about nappies when you buy them in the supermarket? My usual thought is, didn’t I just buy these yesterday! I rarely give them too much thought, apart from the panic of not having any to hand when you are already halfway through a change. Maybe that’s just a dad thing, but it seems to be happening far too often with the little man in the picture now and the lack of sleep rapidly catching up with my ability to execute anything day to day.

Along come the guys at Pampers and before you know it an invitation to be a part of their Pampers Baby Board turns into me jumping on a plane to Frankfurt along with a whole host of other amazing parent bloggers to visit a mysterious place called the “Innovation Centre” and find out exactly what goes into making a nappy and why we trust our fav brand, Pampers.

First up we had a bit of an introduction to where Pampers came from, who designed the first one and then the evolutionary process of the nappy to find out just how we go to where we are today. I can assure you that it’s quite astounding the amount of work that still goes into refining the comfort for our mini’s as well as the process of keeping them dry and clean. For instance, the relatively new Pampers baby-dry nappies were 10 years in development before hitting the shelves and we are assured that they are hard at work on another ground breaking development, one that is top secret but will keep babies dry and healthy for years to come.

On the plane over we all joked about there being a whole host of babies who they use to test the nappies on, well when we got there we were taken down to a crèche where there were, in fact, a whole load of minis and parents who were test driving all of the latest innovations as well as being real life models for how those new nappies are going to fit on the real life bottoms of our minis. These were all babies of local mamas benefiting from the work of the Pampers scientists (who just happen to be parents) to deliver us a better product for the future. A true win all around.

Now if you were to ask me my thoughts on the trip previous to going, I would have suggested that I really wasn’t sure what I would see or learn. But having been and seen all the hard work, the thing that I come away with the most is that the peeps at the Innovation Centre care a whole lot more about what goes into a nappy than we do and I think the reason for that, is so that we don’t have to. We can continue buying Pampers and trust a product that looks after our baby’s skin for us. The priority of the scientists at the Innovation Centre is the same as ours as parents…. our little ones happy, healthy development.


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