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6th May 2017

When Alice went into labour with Ezra we were told that his heart rhythm was, well, it wasn’t in rhythm. We weren’t sure what that meant or how serious it was but we did know that he was coming fast and the very next step was labour. Alice gave birth to Ezra and at first, we were told that the heart rhythm was nothing more than labour stress and we had a happy and healthy baby boy. But unfortunately, that was wrong, and after a series of tests, Ezra was admitted into the neonatal unit. I can only speak from my own experience but walking into a room of incubated preemie babies is very very difficult to see for a new parent. The babies look so fragile and so delicate with their tiny bodies covered in wires and tubes.

Over the course of the next 11 days, Alice and I met the parents and heard the stories of these babies and I can honestly say that both the parents and the preemies are true fighters and their optimism, hope and ability to not only cope but soar under the circumstances of premature birth was amazing to witness first hand.

Given what the nurses, families, parents and babies go through after a premature birth, you wouldn’t think that nappies would or could really make that much of a difference… but they really do. When everything about your baby is so tiny and so precious, it is important to feel that they are comfortable and safe.

Pampers has launched a new range of nappies so teeny tiny that it will fit even the smallest babies snuggly and comfortably. They are donating 3 million nappies from the Preemie Protection Range to Neonatal units across the UK and they are also partnering with Bliss, the UK’s leading charity for babies born premature or sick to help raise money for premature babies and their families and you can help! Share a photo of your little one with a raised fist just like this picture of Etta and use the hashtag #powerofbabies – Pampers will be donating £1 for every picture so please get involved and help the littlest fighters.


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