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10th May 2018

We have been known to camp before, many a time have we taken the kids to a festival or just thought it would be amazing to spend some time in the great British outdoors. We have such fond memories of the summer of 2015 when in a beaut of a campsite just outside of Hastings Etta took her first steps, ate her first prawn and experienced her first BBQ.

The love and the memories are real, we have the videos and photos to prove we did it as well as a nasty little scar on my leg, we don’t like to talk about it too much but I blame the tent peg and Alice blames the mallet but whoever’s fault it was, its best we don’t talk about it as the memories are still too raw 😉

Anyways I digress a little, hands up who knows of Ready Camp from The Camping and Caravanning Club? Right so glad we are all on the same page, well these guys have decided to do something about camping to take it to the next level for all us experienced campers and to make camping so much more accessible to you if you haven’t camped before.

Enter Ready Camp, it’s the glamping experience that we all wanted when we think of camping, you don’t need to buy any kit, you just turn up to your sexy safari tent with some bedding and the rest is taken care of for you.

We had seen load of pictures of the safari tent online but nothing prepared us for how amazing this was, the safari tent was obviously already pitched by the experts at ready camp but it was huge, we are talking wooden deck at the entrance, a lounge with sofa and dining table along with an awesome kitchen including fridge, two rings and a welcome pack. Boom everything including the kitchen sink (except bedding and towels and the actual kitchen sink)

Etta was obsessed with just the lounge but then opened up the doors to her bedroom with double sized bunk beds and before I could blink she was up on the top bunk asking to be tucked in and it wasn’t even lunchtime. Alice and I had a full double bed in a separate room, this safari tent blew our expectations out of the water.

We were so impressed, we go to so many events and get freebies that we are so unenthused with but we would have been so happy to have been paying for this lovely weekend away, so happy with it that we are booked to go back at the Normans bay location for a but of hastings love.

We had so much fun, sure we were part of the original glampsquad, enter unashamed bathroom selfie in said Glampsquad jumperBut this place was lush, we are back in a month and you have to watch our feed to see us living the glamping dream, last note on readycamp, it was so lovely and comfy that we all slept like a dream including this kid who doesn’t sleep anywhere, I guess that great British outdoors and the fresh air does wonders.You can stay in a safari tent with ready camp in any of their 45 locations for as little at £27 a night in the peak season, book now before they all go and your welcome xx

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