Revealing the unseen!

4th May 2018

How often do we take for granted the things that come for free? On our first date Alice told me a story about opening her first water bill at university and then calling her Mum asking about why we have to pay for water, in fairness we shouldn’t but we do. One thing that does come for free is the air that we breathe and with all things that are free, we undervalue them.

We take air for granted so much that we don’t think about how good air impacts our life. With both our little ones having crazy bad eczema, we were challenged by Philips to take a look at how certain air pollutants can change the air that we breathe. We were asked to look at how everyday changes to our home environment could help us and with the help of our new trusty Philips Series 2000i Air Purifier and an amazing environmental reactive artwork by Amy Winters (founder of Rainbow Winters), we had everything that we needed.

Before we go on its probably a good idea to explain what the artwork is –it’s an experimental piece of art that basically reacts to changes in the atmosphere by releasing ink into the artwork as the air quality worsens or improves. You will see what happens in the video below.

So we played with all sorts things that could change the environment and would you believe it, cooking, or in my case burning, our morning bacon made a huge change to the environment.

So for the test we had the Philips Series 2000i Air Purifier running beforehand and our air quality reading was at the best reading of 1. We then turned the air purifier off, loaded the bacon into the pan on a high heat. Within about 30 seconds the dye was flowing out into the pollutant reactive artwork by Rainbow Winters and we could see a visual representation of the air around us decreasing in quality, obviously the kids were fascinated with this living art (Ezra especially who nearly had it knocked over about 5 times!).

Just as the dye had nearly filled up the art and our bacon was beyond saving, we flipped the switch on the Series 2000i Air Purifier and the air quality reading was 8! It took about 30 seconds for the reading to start coming down on the visual display and then right before our eyes the ink of the reactive artwork started draining from the wells. It was awesome watching it all unfold before us, bringing to life indoor air pollution, which is usually unseen.

We are in love with our Philips Series 2000iAir Purifier and think you will be too, that’s why we managed to wangle a £50 discount for each and everyone of you with the code BREATHE1 via the Philips shop. T’s and c’s apply.*

* Discount code is valid until 2nd June 2018. 1 voucher code per customer. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer

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