Review – BKD Superhero Cookie Making With Not On The High Street

14th June 2016

In the run up to fathers day there has been a million things to go and try or sample with e but the only thing that really caught my eye was a superhero cookie decorating class. Superheros and cookies, together! If you are a dad the likelihood is that you will love one of these and then have a real fondness for the other and for e it was messy play, really messy play so why not go give it a go.

Now I am generally the chef in our house but that stops at knocking up dinner, the delicate part of baking and decorating food firmly lands at the feet of Alice. I dont have the patience of the dexterity to do this stuff justice but with e in tow I figured that I could blame my inadequacies on her. I know thats mean but at the moment she is getting blamed for eating the last cookie, apple and baby bells in our house rather than me face the wrath of my pregnant beautiful wife. I mean who could be upset at the cute little face?


The class itself was tough for both my fat chubby hands and e’s little ladies fingers but because our cookies didn’t come out looking like the picture on the promo material it doesn’t mean that we had any less fun. We just had an abstract interpretation of the superhero cookies and actually produced exactly what we saw within our minds eye. Lets face it they dont taste any better if they look pretty, no matter what fancy chefs tell you.


We bought the cookies back to my mums where we met Alice, my mum and my sister who gleefully devoured them all in a picnic in the garden. Here today, gone today, not quite teh right saying but we are abstract after all.

Adele is an amazing teacher and I would thoroughly recommend the class to any mum who is stuck with something to buy for for dad this fathers day. I am a huge fan of experience over possessions and think that the class hist the nail on the head, A day for daddy and mini to have some proper bonding time is what a fathers day gift is all about.

Even better than a great class is that 10% of sales from this experience (and a selection of others) will be donated to Little Troopers an amazing charity charity supporting all children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces, regular or reserve. Find out more about them here and signup for a class here.


One note though, the class is for 3+ and with e only being 2 it was a little tough for her so I would definitely stick to the age guidelines provided.

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