29th June 2017

Let’s talk about something that is super important. That we don’t get enough of. That as parents we will do just about anything to get more of – SLEEP.

It is absolutely amazing how your brain helps you to forget, isn’t it? When Ezra came home I seriously thought “we’ve got this” I remembered sleepless nights but also thought that they were manageable. Turns out – there is NO managing sleeplessness, there is only surviving.

You become so desperate you start to change things up: “maybe a different bed sheet would help” “let’s try a dummy” “let’s buy organic bamboo cotton pjs made by monks in northern Tibet”. Nothing works and nothing makes much of a difference. But there is one thing that you can do – by using @Pampers_UK Baby Dry nappies you can stop your baby waking in the night from being wet or uncomfortable. Babies go to the toilet 3-4 times a night and all that wee wee could seriously inhibit their comfort and sleep but with three absorbing channels designed to help spread out that wetness there should be less wet bulk by morning.

So, before you head off to Tibet in search of the perfect PJs, try a pampers nappy!!

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