The dad bod

21st January 2016

Time to give up and embrace the Dad bod?

Working longer hours than 9 -5 (thought about an obligatory Dolly Parton working girl youtube video here but thought better than to do that to you.) wanting to be home for Etta’s breakfast and rushing home for dinner, story and bed routine Doesn’t leave much time to get to the gym anymore.

After 6m of Virgin Wimbledon taking the £86 a month out of my account and having no time to go leaves me feeling a little chubbier than usual, having less energy and of course £500 poorer. I love the gym and I miss going but just cant figure out a way to squeeze a daily exercise routine into my schedule. I would settle for twice and week and both days on the weekend.

We eat healthy food, I am forever persuading Alice about the benefits of quinoa, trying to force some green shake down our throats and power walking up Wimbledon hill at the weekend before grabbing coffee and unleashing cat the dog onto the posh puppies of Wimbledon village…… Being a rescue dog the posh folks up the hill tend to not like her over exuberance and she doesn’t really fit into the Barbour wearing crew up there (thats the dogs not the humans. 100% serious, check them out here)

Anyway I’m going off on a little tangent here so back on message. I need a way to stay fit but not lose time with the family. Etta is too young to get involved with any kind of wii fit, our place is large but doesn’t lend itself to working out indoors and I don’t want to diet…. I love food way too much for that.

What i’m really saying is how do I stay healthy and look good but not compromise on family time. I keep getting it go through my head that nobody wants to follow Greg the blobby blogger. Is it time to embrace the dad Bod and move on with my life

What do all you fit mum’s and dad’s do to stay fit? All tips accepted.

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