The First Post

3rd January 2016

Not the most inventive post name I know but for those of you that are here from my instagram page, you will know that I am not the most eloquent writer. For those of you who have found me through other means then consider me an accidental blogger.


Initially I setup my @london_dad instagram handle to try and support my wonderful other half’s new venture Avocado Magazine (shameless plug I know) and somehow in the last 6-9 months I have amassed a wonderful 21k followers.


So to today I am trying to expand my horizons a little and turn my hand to writing / blogging. We always laugh that Alice has the writers brain and I have the numbers brain and that hopefully Etta will inherit a good mix of both so apologies again. Please understand where I’m starting out from on a writing perspective.

I’m hoping to spam you twice a week to start, with pictures of Etta our wonderful 18m year old daughter


Her best friend Cat the Dog who is a rescue we brought back with us from Singapore


Alice my amazing wife, who some of you know as the badass creator, editor in chief, photographer and graphic designer for avocado magazine


and me Greg aka “The London Dad.


I tend to speak from the heart when talking about my family and any offense that I may cause is unintentional, anyone that knows me will tell you that I am a selfish so and so but none the less caring and hopefully thoughtful towards everyone and everything.

Feel free to comment and chime in on my post or tell me what you think across twitter or instagram. One thing I have learnt in my 9m instagramming and 18m as a parent is that we are all in this amazing journey together and that its so damn hard at times but oh so rewarding. We may do things differently or not admire or approve on each others methods but we are on the same team and whatever it takes to get through the day and keep our mini humans alive is whats best for us and them in that situation. We all care and love them and thats what I’m hoping to share here, a little slice of what gets me up in the morning, my wonderful family.

So bookmark me, follow me on instagram and twitter and tell me what you think.

Thanks to all my followers for all your amazing support so far and to all those of you who are finding me for the first time then thanks for coming, I hope you stay.


    1. Oh we’ll be reading sir! Seeing little miss E grow and develop has been amazing. Even more so because our Lara is the same age nearly to the week 😉 keep going!

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