The man who stole christmas!

30th November 2017

I always talk about the line between brave and stupid being very very thin and I think that we jumped in with both feet on Sunday morning. We are always trying to embrace the stupid as we feel that the humdrum of everyday life can keep you back from doing what you really want too.

There is certainly too much expectation to abide by the rules that society happens to create for us, you get married because society dictates that if you want to spend your life with someone then you should, you get up brush your teeth and go to work etc…… you get the idea. So we are always up for an opportunity to push back against that the norms of whats acceptable with one of the greatest parent faux pas going.

That’s right we took a baby to the cinema and not even to see an animated movie. We were lucky enough to be invited by the beauts at O2 Priority to go hang out at the Odean Greenwich (which coincidently is an amazing piece of architecture inside and out) and see a special screening of the Man who invented Christmas.

I guess its time for a full disclaimer, we ate waffle fries with beef chili dip, nacho cheese dip and hot sauce, as well as a hot dog and a bucket of popcorn and two rounds of pick and mix between us all before 1200 and we were paid for attending. The thing is, I don’t think we would have jumped so far out of our comfort zone if it wasn’t for the guys at O2 Priority inviting us down and we are so glad they did.

The movie was just amazingly special for us as it reminded us of Christmas pasts by the sheer nature of watching Dicken’s A Christmas Carol come alive in front of you, sure both kids had freakouts. We ended up sitting on the floor at the front of the theatre, covered in popcorn as well as spilled juice boxes. A cinema proprietors worst nightmare but a great morning out and we didn’t get to see the ending.


If you haven’t been to the cinema yet with your kids, I say dive straight in, its a disaster waiting to happen but with a load of fun that stands between you and the inevitable going home before the movie finishes what have you got to lose?

And even better if you are an O2 customer you take advantage of the biggest family blockbusters first with Priority every month.

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