The rechargeable battery challenge

29th November 2017


Right people… it’s time for us to talk about the thing that every single one of us forgets on Christmas morning. Nope, not your partner’s present. And nope, not the chestnut stuffing. You guessed it yet????? Yep, batteries.

We as parents love to hate battery-operated toys; the ones that walk, those that dance, some that talk, others that whoosh and some where the wheels go around and around. We don’t buy them for our children; friends without children buy them, grandparents who think there is some poetic justice on it buy them, and the cool auntie buys them too.

And with the battery-operated toys comes unscrewing those tiny, tiny screws using that tiny screwdriver set you won in a cracker three Christmases ago. And, of course, batteries.

Like taxes, we can’t escape paying for batteries, so why do we all do it so badly? It’s usually a rush to a local shop, paying top dollar.

There is, of course, a way that we can save our wallets and be far kinder to the planet… you know, the one that our children and our children’s children will inherit? Buy smart and buy rechargeables.

If you needed any more reasons, here are our top six from the guys at GP Batteries:

They last seven times longer than alkaline batteries.

ReCyko+ batteries are pre-charged so always ready to use straight from the pack

They retain 80% of charge after two years of inactivity

ReCyko+ can be recharged up to 1,000 times and ReCyko+ Pro up to 1500 times!! (Seriously -wow)

They represent a major saving over Alkaline and Lithium batteries

They significantly reduce the amount of throw-away batteries being put into landfill, making ReCyko+ the most environmentally friendly/green option.

Happy shopping people!

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