The Unspoken rules of thumb war

1st October 2016

What is it that they say about owning an expensive swiss watch, you never truly own one, you just look after it for the next generation. There are several other things that I feel we are only the gaurdians of and never truly own. One of those is thumb war.

In a digital age it would be know as freeware or carry a creative commons license, imagine that something that requires no licensing has to carry a license just to be unlicensed but alas again thats a tangent for another time and another place.

Thumb war, who did we learn the rules from and who really knows how many regional variations there are? (27 at the last count by the guys at the guiness book of records for those who are interested)

So in the interest of preserving the game in its truest most natural state before the big money tv deals come into place we have decided to list for you our lovely reader the x pillars of the game

  1. The game starts with the opposing hands interlocked with no space between the two.
  2. The knuckles of each hand should be touching the palm of the other and this contact should not be broken.
  3. Elbows must remain on a table at all times
  4. Before the game comences both contestants must say… One two three four i declare thumb war
  5. Followed by the thumb bowing
  6. and then the thumb saluting
  7. A bout lasts for 60 seconds and all matches are a best of three scenario
  8. A bout is won by one contestant pinning the others thumb down for as long as it takes for “one two three four i win thumb war” to be spoken at a reasonable pace.

There are also two recommendations from the games governing body, The World Thumb Wrestling Champions, firstly to keep nails short and secondly to decorate the fighting thumb.

Please feel free to let us know if there are local variations to these rules that you know of but most importantly lets educate our minis in the way of the thumb.

Happy Playing

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