The unsung heroes of bedtime

2nd March 2017

At times it’s all too easy to think of bedtime as a routine that we all just get into and do, sure the book that we read might change and the comforter or teddy bear our mini uses changes as they grow up but some things remain constant and they are really the unsung heroes of bedtime and some of the things that matter most.

We went through a giraffe at bed time, a twirly woo phase, of course Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy and for probably the last 15 months the constant has been mouse, well actually we are on mouse the 4th but we are trusting you not to tell that little secret to Etta.

The things that are our unsung heroes are all related to the fact that Etta and Ezra have eczema, the little lady has lactose free milk or coconut milk depending on what kind of mood she is in, she has a cows milk allergy that has got better as she’s got older but if she has any it always brings her out in little rough patches.

We are also so happy to now be using Neutral 0% for our Laundry washing, not only are their products endorsed by the Danish Ashtma and Allergy Association but they use only the essential ingredients and remove all the unnecessary stuff such as colourants and perfumes. We are so happy since swapping to Neutral 0%, its  amazing how much Etta’s skin is smoother and more baby like since the change. The peace of mind we can get from a really amazing laundry detergent means we can rest assured that we can dry her in the safest towels and put her to bed in sheets that won’t hurt her skin as well as having them both in sleep suits that we know will leave them waking up with as beautiful skin as we put them to bed in.

We really take our quest for giving our two minis the best skin possible in spite of their eczema and even though this post is sponsored we really wouldn’t endorse a product that didn’t help our mini’s as we fell that its just to an important an issue and a struggle that is real for so many parents.

Neutral 0% is only available online and offer some great discounts if you subscribe.

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