To double buggy or not to double buggy?

27th February 2017

When Alice was pregnant with Ezra, we did the usual: look through all the shops at all the things we wound ‘need’ some of which we already had (but of course would have to buy new.) It was on one of these shopping trips that Alice stopped in the buggy section.

“Come on Alice, we have a buggy and Etta is getting tired”
“But what if I need a double buggy?”
The idea had crossed my mind but to be completely honest it had left me terrified. Because Alice and I both work from home, we probably use the buggy exactly the same amount of time so this was a decision I had a part in making.
“How would we get a double buggy onto a train? Onto the tube? IN THE CAR?” I said “The things are massive and having one will only make it harder to get out and about.
We moved on but I could tell Alice wasn’t convinced. So when the guys at Baby Style offered us a double buggy to try out, we were honestly dead chuffed. It would give Alice the opportunity to try a double buggy out, realize that it wasn’t as easy as a single buggy and that would be that! Can you tell that I was genuinely not ready to be proved wrong??
But I was proved wrong, the buggy was easy, lightweight, simple AND it fit perfectly in the car. We could have Etta in a seat and Ezra in his car seat (the only place he seems to sleep) and go for a nice long walk around the shops with two happy babes!!
I will say that this buggy isn’t as sturdy as other buggies and I wouldn’t suggest taking it out on a hike, but it really is a very easy buggy and it does the one thing that (I think) buggies are built to do – it makes life easier!!

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