To IB or not to IB – school time decisions???

12th April 2018

So…. where can i start apart from at the beginning? Most of you know by now that Alice and I met in a modern love story version of boy meets girl and it’s love at first sight. But to truly understand who we are its best to get an idea of how we both happened to be in that bar in Tokyo in the first place.

Alice first moved to Tokyo when she was the ripe old age of 2 years old and immediately started at a bilingual kindergarten before moving back to England for about 18 months to attend a tiny private school in a village in surrey. Just as Alice was getting settled there the family moved back to Japan until Alice was just about to make her choices of what to sit at GCSE level equivalent at an american international school before being whisked back to England between 13 and 15 years old. Alice finished her schooling back in Japan before studying for her linguistics degree in an old university town in England. The differences between the British school system and the International Baccalaureate were clear from Alice’s experience and its because of that knowledge of how different they are, that we are exploring the possibilities of an IB school./

I was never a big academic and school wasn’t always the most interested but after being an expat for nearly 12 years in Asia and seeing the amazing schooling that my friends kids had I always promised myself that i would send my kids to the best school that I could.

We moved home from Asia, whilst pregnant with etta with the intention of being in the best catchment area for schools but also close to some amazing private schools should we be in the position to send our kids there. Our main aim was to provide the stability that Alicer craved and a suitable education where our kids feel like they fit in.

We have searched so any schools, had so many open days and been so impressed by the offerings that all schools have, state and private but wanted to talk about one school in particular that blew us away.

Southbank International School – quick spoiler, not on the southbank – was so interesting to us as it offers the International Baccalaureate. Southbank offers three of the IBs four programmes making it an IB world school – the Primary Years programme for children aged 3-11 at their Kensington and Hampstead campus’, the Middle Years Programme for those aged 11-16 at their Portland Place campus and the Diploma Years Programme, the IB’s equivalent to A Levels, for those aged 16-18. The IB diploma allows students to specialize in 6 subjects rather than A Level’s 3. Many international schools around the world offer the IB as it enables children to study the same curriculum anywhere they are in the world. The breadth of subjects taught with the IB diploma also means pupils don’t have to specialize at such a young age and therefore have a more rounded education and are better prepared for choices of university subjects.

I know I know you are thinking steady on, my child hasn’t even started school yet and Greg’s talking about them leaving school and going to university but in the world we live in now we really need to be thinking 84 steps ahead as other parents are.

My biggest fear as a parent is not giving our kids the tools necessary too enable the to exist in the world they are going to live in as opposed to the world I lived in or the world I want them to exist in.

Anyway enough of my fears, Southbank International School prepares your minis for the IB and for life from day one, never have i been at a school where the structure is so well geared towards establishing the building blocks of education to prepare them for the big bad world.

Check them out

Tel +44 (0)20 7243 3803

36-38 Kensington Park Road, London W11 3BU

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