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1st June 2017

Now there is a lot to be said about the idea of packing a bag and travelling with a 3 year old and 5 month old but in reality, you have seen all of that through our insta feed. We have made so many mistakes with what we packed and what we didn’t pack, our drone didn’t make it as I crashed it two nights before we flew and we totally overpacked cold weather and regular weather gear. On the face of it you pack for a regular holiday but with all the moving around we think that we have learnt a few things about how to minimise what you need to pack and maximise the uses of what you do have.

Tip 1 – every item should lend itself to more than 1 job.

Now this is a great big huge plug but we literally don’t know what we would have done without the rather creatively named Traveller by Phil&teds. Their tagline for it is “the only cot that is lighter than the baby” and you all know that Ezra is a whopper but that doesn’t matter as it only weighs 2.8kg – That is ridiculous compared to the beast that lives at my parents for when the kids have stayed there as babies. Not only is it lightweight it also packs down to next to nothing which meant that we could repack it into our big holdall bag and not have the hassle of travelling with another bag attached to us. The Traveller is hugely London dad recommended. Best of it all it doubles up as a great sides down playpen should you be worried about your mini crawling / tottering around on the hard floors when you are travelling, we have put both Etta and Ezra in there to play around while we have got ready for a day out many a time. Like I said its awesome.

Tip 2 – be mobile

Our other favourite item to take was the Sport, again by Phil&teds. It is an all terrain stacked double buggy that allows us to walk the unsurfaced streets of SE Asia keeping the kids in comfort as well as allowing us to have one buggy. Stacking them was a tough idea to get our head around but when you have walked 3 miles before sunrise, eaten two lunches before you sit down for lunch and have had multiple tantrums you soon get why it’s such a great idea to get them both in the buggy and push them in the heart whilst they pass out for a nap allowing you to recoup in whatever way suits, tea (we are British), foot rub or another lunch with a much deserved Tsingtao on the side. Talking of those multiple lunches, I have been using the sport to take Etta for early morning and sundown runs around the park as I have been eating so much, the adaption from double to single is actually two clicks and a pull. Sounds unstable but it’s probably the secures fixture we have seen on a buggy.


Both are amazing and have made our journey more of the dream that we had envisaged it. Amazing products at great price points.

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