What to expect when she’s expecting: The Decision

17th October 2016

First up in our series inside the minds of expectant dad’s and dads new and old we wanted to know the answer to one question. 8 Dads were brave enough to step up and share their brutally honest feelings.

The question asked….. How did you feel whilst making ‘the decision’ to become a dad?

Manny Gonzalez -We knew we wanted to have a baby and that that was more important than stressing about whether or not we were “prepared”. Find him on his Instagram

Andrew Weise – Our pregnancy was a surprise so while I was mega-excited, I was absolutely terrified since we were about to move from Asia to Europe plus become parents mere months after this move. Feeling in over my head would be an understatement! Find him on Instagram

Rich Willis-Hutchinson – A baby was always part of our relationship plan,lets face it buying a house in London would take a lot longer. So i guess it’s bitter sweet because we had tried before and lost one. So finally when we got over this heartbreak and tried again it was amazing to hear I was going to be a dad. This doesn’t mean telling people was easy because of airing on the side of caution after what happened. I still pinch myself and think how the hell did I do this and what can I do to make sure my son has the things I didn’t. I’m not the best dad nor the worst all I know is I try….and hope he sees that even if others don’t. Find Rich on Instagram

Steven Allen – It was myself that was beyond hesitant to begin trying for a baby, much to my then fiancées annoyance. I feared the unknown, kept putting it off for one thing or another, terrified of the change and responsibility it would bring. Then one day I’d had enough, a Wife and children were all I had ever wanted and suddenly my fear was irrelevant. As soon at the moment passed, I felt nothing but joy. Finally I was free of the fear that had kept me from having the one thing that my life was missing, a child of my own, our own. Steve’s Instagram

Paddy Earnshaw – Starting to try for a baby was a weird mix of nervous excitement and ‘do-my-swimmers-work?’ anxiety! It’s a bit like running a marathon – the first few miles are great but after mile 8 it’s all about the finishing line…  Find Paddy’s Insta here 

Gregory Stanton – With an 8 year age gap between us I was always ready and pushing Alice to start trying. When we actually had the talk and the decision was made I was terrified, for all of my bluster and jumping up and down when it actually came to it, its a daunting prospect to potentially be making a child. Find me here.

Chima Amechi – I always wanted a family but didn’t really know what that looked like. I just knew I wanted two children. When I got married (two years ago this July), the next step was kids and we didn’t waste anytime. My dad died the day after the wedding and we found out in the following September that we were having a baby – I was so excited. I started to prepare myself mentally for what I thought i needed to know or be like as father, as a man. When he arrived, it all went out the window…  Read more from Chima on his great instagram

Nathanael Holden – The decision to have kids was something we had long talked about. It wasn’t something to take lightly given my nature, but I was very easy going about it. I thought it would be ‘the making of me’ and I started to, cautiously, get excited by the thought of a ‘mini me’. Find Nathanael on Instagram

Next week the fun bit of trying. is it really as much fun as it should be?

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