Whats in my newborn baby bag

3rd April 2017

Now before I attempt to impart some wisdom upon you about what my newborn baby bag essentials are, I feel it’s only right that I fess up. This piece was actually supposed to be talking about what was in our hospital bag but as I am sure you all know by now or will indeed find out in time, parenthood can get in the way of all best laid plans.

So there it is, parenthood is tough, but we are here to help you not make the same mistakes that we have done time and time before.

One of the first things to think about when packing a bag for going out with your mini is, do they need more clothes? I would say up until a year old, Etta could always have done with more clothes. They are constantly growing out of and staining the clothes they have so we never packed a change of clothes for her. That might sound a little frivolous but we worked out, for the amount of times we needed a change of clothes verses a) having to lug around a whole set of clothes and b) making sure the spare set was of the right size (this might sound easy but trust me they grow quickly) it wasn’t worth it. Anyway, we ended up going with the opinion that if we were to need a change of clothes, then we would buy it when needed as you always need new clothes.

We also go with a pretty unconventional nappy bag, the simple backpack. You may think that sounds either obvious or crazy but nothing beats a backpack for ease of use. With a backpack on, you have two hands free for whatever you need to do with your mini, as well as plenty of space to store your essentials. And we all know that in reality the more hands that we have to deal with what ever trouble our mini hooligans are causing the better.

First up in the bag is pretty obvious, we are only 3 weeks in and the little man is already into a Pampers size 2 nappy and you will be getting through these like no tomorrow…..edit, since I started writing this and then now final edits he is 10 weeks and up to a size three, a killer combination of the big butt gene he inherited from both his mama and papa. #sorrynotsorryalice Everyone will try to tell you how many you use per day, but the real truth, it’s the same as their eating, it’s better to look at how many nappies they use per week rather than day to day as it can vary so much. We are doing x8 nappies a day and always carry at least that amount in our bag, as you will always forget from time to time to fill up on these little wonders. Where nappies go, so go wipes. We always try to have a half empty packet of Pampers wipes in there as a full pack will make your space disappear quicker than a David Blaine card trick. Also wipes are always easy to find as opposed to the nearest shop having the right size nappy to hand. Pampers Premium Protection Nappies and Pampers Sensitive Wipes are endorsed by the British Skin Foundation so you know that they will be gentle on your littles ones skin, day and night.

Another vital part of the on the go nappy change is a good nappy rash crème. The likelihood of you catching every poo as it happens is slim when you are out and about and the little guy’s skin can get irritated all too easily. You can buy tiny pots of the stuff now which are perfect for tucking away in your bag.

Outside of that, the only other thing that is essential would be a muslin or two; perfect for when you are burping, cleaning up mess or just want to play. Remember that your mini will recognise black and white geometric shapes only until about 4 months old and then until 6 months the addition of the colour red, so make your muslins and toys that you pack include these colours and full of geometric shapes.

That really is all baby needs, but we cram our bag full of other bits and pieces, with the little guy being a winter newborn we have a hat and gloves ready to go when the weather turns cold. Of course, not forgetting; our camera to record every moment of cuteness that happens, a pair of sunnies for obvious reasons.

I always have my notepad for work because when your mini is sleeping you should either be sleeping or working, because when they are awake you will be getting neither of them done. Along with my notepad I have my Mont Blanc pencil that my parents bought me for my 30th birthday. I was lucky enough to have a new MacBook pro for xmas but no cover yet so it feels a little risky having it in the bag, but we are always working on the go.

Last up we have the boring bits, charging cable for the phone and MacBook as well as headphones.

You are going to think that this is more an everyday bag with the addition of a few baby change items and that’s what it really is. When you buy items for your mini, buy on what suits your lifestyle rather than what shops tell you to buy. We went through three buggies and four bags before taking a look at what we needed and that the best advice anyone can give you as a parent…do what works for you and your life. Enjoy. x



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