When imperfect is just perfect…. A parent’s life.

27th June 2017

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I remember when Ezra was first born I shared a post on my feed of him crying. Not the prettiest picture I’ve ever shared but I felt it was important that I show that having a new baby is hard. And six months down the line, it’s still seriously hard! We don’t sleep enough which means we are exhausted most of the time, we don’t make every meal because we’re too focused on the kids eating enough, we then binge on rubbish because we are tired and hungry. It’s not hard every second of every day, but every day has a few hard seconds in it. Check out the new video from SMA Baby Club which describes what I am saying totally.

At the moment I think Alice and I are probably guilty of showing too many of the ‘perfect moments’. We’re on the road and we’re really enjoying it. We want to share the best of each place we visit and we’re excited by each of our destinations. But please don’t think that it’s always easy, there are moments when everyone is in tears, moments when we are racing through airports because someone told the taxi to go to the wrong airport (yes, that was me).

But when you look back at those moments, the hard ones, the stressful ones, I would be willing to bet that most of those moments make you smile (with enough time). When Alice and I have two screaming kids we fluster and panic and do everything we can to make them smile, but when they eventually do, we laugh about how ‘fun’ having two can be. When we look back at ‘the airport incident’ we laugh (well, Etta and I laugh, Alice is just about starting to be able to smile at it).

I spent this father’s day at another airport, the day was a travel day for us on our tour which meant travelling by taxi to the airport express train before boarding the plane to Krabi. On touch down we hopped into the hotel minibus which took us to our boat pier, up until this point this was all going to plan, as the pier is a car free zone we had to jump onto a motorbike and sidecar to get us and our luggage down the 200m pier. Last stop was the boat and a mild hike up from the beach. All in all it was a ridiculously stressful journey but sharing it with my favourite 3 people made it all the easier. Life can be hard as a parent and a family but we wouldn’t have it any other way….. would we? When life gives you imperfect moments just try and see the positives and remember it’s these special memories that make parenting imperfectly perfect. It ain’t so tough.

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