Why Skin Health Matters

4th June 2017

Etta was born in the summer of 2014. I don’t know if you remember, but it was a really hot summer that year. She very rarely wore clothes, very rarely even wore nappies and was always being covered head to toe in sun creams and moisturizers. We knew it would be different with Ezra, he is a winter baby (literally the polar opposite to Etta) and we keep him well wrapped up and barely ever see his bare bum outside of bath time.

What we didn’t know was how dramatically the weather and temperature would affect Ezra’s delicate skin. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense – we always need a little extra water, hand cream and lip salve in the winter so it is completely logical that our little ones would need a little extra moisture too. But when you are in the throws of early parenthood, you don’t have a lot of time to think.

Unfortunately, the dryness of the winter meant that our little fella got really bad nappy rash in his first few days. Any parent who has been through a nasty bout of nappy rash with their baby will know how sad it is and how tricky it is to stop once it starts. Luckily when we started using Pampers sensitive wipes, the nappy rash started to fade away. When your little one’s bum is bright red and sore they are going to need something extra sensitive to keep them safe and stop their bums from hurting. To prevent the nappy rash from coming back going forward, we’ve been using Pampers premium protection nappies – the only nappies endorsed by the British Skin Foundation – which are brilliant at absorbing all the little presents our little ones send our way (also a massive reduction in poo-nami – we still have the odd one because no nappy can contain them but we have definitely seen a reduction!)



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