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Chicken Parmigiana for the family

We usually take it in turns to cook dinners at home, but with baby #3 only 9 weeks away from being ready to make an appearance, Alice is feeling understandably tired. I really don't mind - I actually really enjoy dusting off the chef's hat and trying to figure out what we're going to have for dinner with a lady who currently hates spice, a toddler who throws unacceptable meals straight on the floor and a little girl who still turns her nose up to veggies!!

I found a collection of Chicken Parmi recipes online and decided to give that a go and it went down a treat!! Chicken Parmi used to be one of the meals in the pub that Alice worked in when I first met her so I have a lot of memories of sitting at the end of the bar with a Chicken Parmi and an Aspall cider waiting for her to get off work so we could go find some fun!!

This is Alice behind that bar in Tokyo, back in 2012!!

Anyways back to the dinner ...

Everyone ate it!! That's such a rare and wonderful occurrence in our house that I decided to share the recipe.

1 - Butterfly your chicken breast pieces (however many you want to make we did 1 butterflied pice per person but that was a bit much for the kiddos)

2 - Get a pan of Olive Oil nice and hot, you want enough oil in the pan to fry the chicken up to half way so a smaller pan is sometimes a bit easier.

3 - Dip the chicken, first into 2 or 3 whisked eggs and then into breadcrumbs. We always use panco breadcrumbs because they don't burn and a great crunch but you can use anything!!

4 - Once the chicken is fried on both sides (takes about 3 mins per side) pop it onto a wire rack with some kitchen roll underneath while you do the other pieces.

5 - Finished all of the chicken? Time to move on to your eggplant - cut the eggplant length ways to make strips about 5mm thick, dip into the egg, then the breadcrumbs and then fry in the same way as the chicken.

6 - Now you have all of your pieces the rest of the recipe is basically a puzzle!! Pop the eggplant on the bottom, followed by a chicken piece, next is a dollop of that amazing tomato sauce (you can use any brand but we go for Napolina because they have LOADS of hidden veggies in their sauce) then a slice of mozzarella and top it all off with a sprinkle of parmesan!!

7 - Next you want to bake the entire dish in the oven at about 190c for about 25-35 mins just so that everything melts and mixes a little.

And that's it!! Serve with chips and salad and watch everyone finish their plates ... except the kids, who won't eat the salad no matter how much you bribe them.

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