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Fireman Sam: Set for Action!!

Our kids are now at an age where the right movie will keep them transfixed, where they are asking questions, acting out scenes and learning lessons. The new Fireman Sam: Set for Action! movie actually had the kids doing all of this for so long after the movie!! The kids both love Fireman Sam anyway; Alice is half Welsh and loves watching Fireman Sam with the kids on the weekends so they are already familiar with the characters and of course, are already big fans of Sam himself.

So, on Friday night, after a difficult week with two tired babes, Alice, Etta, Ezra, Cat the dog and I all snuggled up on the floor with LOADS of cushions and watched Fireman Sam: Set for Action! under blankets, with popcorn and we all loved every second of it!

In this brilliant film, Fireman Sam is scouted by a Hollywood director after a video of one of his daring rescues goes viral. Sam is hesitant to take the role, while his co-star Flex Dexter is determined to get the lead part and will stop at nothing to get it. More and more ‘accidents’ start to happen on set and Sam is eventually held responsible and fired from both the movie and the Fire Service. Sarah, James and Mandy now have to discover who is really behind all the accidents and clear Fireman Sam’s name!

Alice and I loved watching along with them as Etta turned to us and asked why Flex was being mean to Sam, when Ezra shouted NO SAM in shock and worry when Sam had to make daring rescues and when, later while being tucked into bed, Etta told us that it was not ok to tell fibs to get someone else in trouble.

The film had plot twists and action aplenty which kept easily-bored Ezy watching from beginning to end. After the movie ended, Etta and Ezra built a fort in the living room and acted out scenes from the film – obviously arguing over who got to be Sam – until bedtime.

The Fireman Sam: Set for Action! Movie guest starring John Barrowan as ‘Flex Dexter’ will be premiering exclusively on Cartoonito on Monday 22nd of October at 8:00am so make sure you grab your popcorn, watch along with us and get ready for Fireman Sam’s biggest adventure yet!!

Cartoonito can be found on Sky channel 619, Virgin 706 and BT 488.

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