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Keeping cool in the summer time

If you are one of those people or who have kids that have trouble sleeping through the night when it's warm in the summer then let me introduce you to a little secret of ours, through the recent heatwave we have all been sleeping better thanks to the new JML Chillmax range available at www.jmldirect.com.

It's tough to know where to start as the Chilllmax XL Pillow and the Chillmax Air have made such a difference. Both Etta and Ezra get so hot and sweaty in the evening, it's one of the things that you know as a parent when they toss and turn at night and nothing is wrong with them and they just can't stay cool as their little bodies are doing all the growing in the evening. Sometimes I think as their little bodies as factories that go into overdrive when they sleep and that's why we thought laying their head on the Chillmax XL Pillow would be the perfect solution. Its x3 bigger than it used to be so no matter how much your kids roll around their head will stay nice and cool and even better there are gonna be no parent fail moments of having to fill it up etc as it has everything it needs to work thanks to body heat activated cooling gel that just needs a head to lay on it to start. If that sounds like magic, trust me it really is. The kids love it and we love the sleep we are getting.

Now that they are sleeping happy let me introduce you to the Chillmax Air, as this is an electrical device that requires water we thought we would use this one to keep us nice and cool, best of all the humidifier has worked wonders on Baby Eesa’s skin since we have had it on. One refil lasts ten hours so it goes on when we put Eesa to bed and it keeps us cool al the way through til morning.

At £30 quid a Pillow and £40 quid (currently on sale) for the Chillmax Air its an absolute bargain for a good night's sleep all summer.

If the above does not persuade you that this is all a great idea then it's probably worth mentioning that the Chillmax XL Pillow folds up to next to nothing so you can take it away on your summer holiday with you. #Winning

Even better I have two codes you can use, hit the link for whichever you want and add the Code for free next day delivery.

Chillmax Air http://bit.ly/GregJMLCA GREGSFD1

Chillmax Pillow http://bit.ly/GregJMLCP GREGSFD1

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