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Our Ninja Foodi

And why we think you need one!!

Today is Tuesday, our Ninja Foodi arrived on Sunday!!

Since then we have cooked:

A roast chicken - because we had my mum round for dinner, she was VERY impressed with the crispy skin but tender chicken (obviously using the roasting function)

A load of fried wontons - perfect for a snack (using the air fryer function so they are SO much healthier)

A chilli-no-carne - Alice’s favourite meal (using the pressure cooker function which takes so much less time than we were expecting)

AND pancakes - because it’s Half Term and well, why not!! (using the airfryer again … can you believe it?! They were so easy)

So to say we are already completely besotted with the Ninja Foodi is an understatement.

Our kids can be pretty hard to feed, which is ironic because they also love to eat, so Alice and I often begrudgingly resort to the chicken nuggets, chips and (just to make ourselves feel better) a spoonful of peas which we will have to bribe them with chocolate to eat. So when the Ninja Foodi arrived, we sat down and thought hard about the meals we could create as a family, for a family which would be healthy, wholesome and tasty. Then we realised we were trying - unsuccessfully - to reinvent the wheel! The thing that’s wrong with the plate of beige we present to our children is that the food is over-processed, mass produced and full of ingredients we can’t pronounce or would rather not give the kids too often.

So why not give them chicken nuggets and chips, but actually make our own? This meal would REALLY be putting the Ninja Foodi to the test - would the chicken be tender enough? Would the chips be crispy enough? All of our previous attempts to make nuggets or chips for our kids had ended in cries of “too dry” “too hard” “too wet” “too cold” “I don’t like it” “I don’t want it” “I WANT TURKEY DINOSAURS” and there was that time Alice got hit in the head by a nugget which really was too hard (but we don’t talk about that. So here we go, can the Ninja Foodi impress our tiny food critics who my mum thinks are harder to impress than the food critic Jay Rayner?

Here is your Chicken Stars and sweet potato chips recipe!!

Makes 12 nuggets (roughly - depends on nugget size)

For the nuggets you will need:

4 chicken breasts

1 egg

Breadcrumbs (bought or made)

Salt, pepper, herbs, spices (depending on your kids’ willingness to try new flavours)

For the sweet potato chips you will need:

2 sweet potatoes


Salt, pepper, herbs, spices (depending on your kids’ willingness to try new flavours)

Pound your chicken breast so that it is quite thin and then use a knife or cookie cutter to cut out shapes. If your kids aren’t into the shapes you can go for strips but we find stars seem to go down best with our two.

Whisk your egg and ready 2 bowels - one with the egg and the other with breadcrumbs. If you are adding any seasoning to the nuggets, add everything in with the breadcrumbs! Dip your chicken first in the egg, then in the breadcrumbs. Stick your chicken nuggets in the airfryer for 6 minutes and you’re all done!

Cut your 2 sweet potatoes into chips and roll them around in a little oil (you only need a touch of oil, nothing like what you would need if you were cooking these in the oven) If you are seasoning your chips, do so now :). Pop the chips in the airfryer for 10 minutes and there we go!

* Top Tip * Make sure you cut your chips uniformly - this will mean that they cook evenly and at the same time and are more likely to be accepted by picky toddlers.

And the verdict? They cleaned the plates!



This blog post has been sponsored by Ninja Foodi, however ALL thoughts and opinions are my own :).

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