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This article has been written as part of a Paid Partnership with SMA® Nutrition

“Feeding your baby isn’t always as simple as you feel it ought to be.” That’s what Alice said when I started the conversation about feeding Etta and Ezra as newborns. And it makes sense, we have babies and we believe we will have the ability to satisfy their every need - love, safety and nutrition - but the reality can be very different, difficult and even scary.

Alice had a pretty straightforward birth with Etta. Etta was a happy healthy baby and after giving birth at around 8am, we were home before midday. We sat in the living room and stared at our perfect sleeping baby. “I think I’ll give her some food” said Alice and held Etta to her breast. Suddenly Alice winced in pain, she hadn’t had any pain before we left the hospital and feeding Etta had seemed easy, nice even.

The next few days were really hard for Alice. She tried so hard to push past the pain, knowing that regardless of how much it hurt, Etta had to eat. We went to classes and consultants and eventually Alice developed Mastitis. I knew how important it was for Alice that she feed Etta and I pushed her to keep trying but we were all being worn down by how hard it was especially with our expectation of how easy it ‘should’ be.

Eventually we went to see a specialist, a lady who sat with two tired and tearful parents for 3 hours trying various golds and suggesting various ways and we got there. Alice sat in the specialist’s room and fed Etta without wincing once for the first time since we had brought our girl home. Our breastfeeding journey was far from straightforward but it was thanks to one woman who took the time and the care to talk Alice down from her anxiety, to convince her that this was going to be ok and to make suggestions for Alice to be able to feed Etta.

Ezra on the other hand was a completely different story. We knew straight away that there was going to be some difficulties after Ezy’s birth and within hours of his delivery, Alice and I were in the NICU around a small table watching specialists attach various wires to Ezra’s chest. I don’t know if it was the situation or just the fact that every baby is different but Alice never said anything about pain with Ezra.

Ezy wasn’t just ‘easy’ to feed, he was also fast. He would guzzle away happily and easily and doctors often remarked that perhaps this was the reason he never showed any physical signs of his condition. Alice was so happy. After having trouble with Etta there was some anxiety and Ezra took to feeding better than we could have hoped.

When we came to wean Ezra though, that’s when the trouble started!! Ezy was 13 months when Alice decided it was time; her milk was starting to satisfy Ezra’s hunger less and less and he was starting to bite more and more. Ezra had other plans though and refused food and beaker completely. In the end baby led weaning with Ezra going straight to solids with a beaker of SMA® PRO Growing Up Milk each night worked perfectly!

Every time we’ve had difficulties - the place we have found help, support and answers has always been from people. Frantic Googling has almost never given us the information we’ve been looking for when it comes to parenting.

When SMA® Nutrition told us about their Careline we were so intrigued. That mothers and fathers will have easy access to the help, support and answers they need. Everyone on the SMA Careline® are mums, they know first-hand the trials and hurdles that each new parent may come up against. The Careline expert team of mums are there to reassure and empower you through the early years of parenting with specialist tips, advice and guidance. And to lend you a friendly ear when you need it most. So why not give the SMA Careline® a call? They’re available for free 24/7 on UK: 0800 0 81 81 80 and Ireland: 1800 93 18 32. You can also use the LiveChat function on their website - www.smababy.co.uk/sma-careline

IMPORTANT NOTICE: SMA® PRO Growing Up Milk is suitable for young children from 1-3 years, as part of a healthy balanced diet and it is not a breast milk substitute.

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