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The Wonder of Baby

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We know our gorgeous little babes better than anyone in the world, we know their personalities, their abilities and that they simply HAVE to have their apples peeled perfectly, cut into segments NOT in bitesize pieces. Every now and then though, something will happen that will make us stop and realise just how wondrous our little people are. These are the moments that make you stop in complete awe at their understanding of the world around them, not the first time they roll over, or even their first words but the moments that are even more wondrous than those! So here are our moments with Etta and Ezra, the memorable moments when we were simply in awe at the wonder of our babies.

Some of you might know that last year, our little family packed up and moved out with no real plan in mind. After a scary few moments with Ezra’s heart condition, Alice and I decided that life was too short not to take the trips we wanted to take. Destination #1 was Bangkok, Thailand; somewhere new but not too scary to ease us in. Etta was just 2 and a half at this point in our trip and she had never been to Thailand or, in fact, to Asia. Etta amazed us when she very first walked into a Temple, her entire demeanour changed and she became so calm, she clasped her hands together and bowed to the Buddha statue. We didn’t ask her to be calm, we didn’t show her how to pray and we were so surprised by how immediately aware Etta was of the world around her. So much more so than we imagined.

Then there’s Ezra, our little hooligan, the little boy who cannot and will not sit still, who needs constant physical and mental stimulation and who doesn’t stop from the moment he wakes up until the moment his head hits the pillow at the end of the day. Ezra was born with a rare heart condition; Ventricular Tachycardia, which has meant regular trips to The Brompton hospital for ECG’s, Echos and consultant check-ups. Ezra’s heart condition is under control but in the last two years, it has caused a little bit of stress for our little family. It never stops to amaze Alice and I that every time Ezra is hooked up to a machine, with a consultant or having a check-up, he becomes extremely calm. He stops moving, stays calm and waits for everyone to be finished before he starts running around again. His understanding of people trying to help him amazes us every time we’re in the hospital.

With a heart condition like Ezy’s every fever can become a bigger than usual problem. Because Alice and I are always careful to make sure Ezra’s fever never gets too high, Etta has become a mini mummy to Ezra. The two can fight like cat and dog, but as soon as Ezra has a sniffle, Etta wraps him up in cotton wool and doesn’t leave his side except to get him water or tissues, stroking his hand the entire time. When Ezra was a baby and in the hospital, Etta would stand by his cot and gently stroke her baby brother’s hands while the nurses did their checks. Her quiet, calm, understanding hand stroke has so much understanding behind it.

You can probably guess with everything that has come before this one, our two have a brilliant connection. We know we aren’t the only parents to wonder at the connection between siblings. Ezra’s first word was Etta, it’s now the first thing he says every day, he opens his eyes in his cot next to Etta’s bed and says either “shhh Etta sleeping” or “hello Etta!!” We are bowled over by Etta and Ezra’s bond every day.

Ezra took a lot longer than Etta to learn to walk. At 18 months he started thinking about it and at 19 months he finally took those first few precious steps. It’s a wonder that parents adore - the first few steps. But that isn’t what we were going to tell you about, because our wonder came just weeks later when our previously pretty immobile baby started to run, jump, climb and skip!! It was as if he had been hiding his ability for a nice little shock!!

Etta used to terrify us every morning in our old flat when she would silently climb the stairs and just hover with her face inches from our unopened eyes from the middle of the bed. Every morning we woke up startled, wondering how she got out of her cot, opened her bedroom door and made it into our room without waking either of us up!

SMA® Nutrition asked us what developments were wondrous to us and the question has sent us on a wonderful journey of old photo albums and reminiscing. All babies are so wondrous but it’s the things that we, the parents really notice - not the months, centimetres, milestones but the love, care, abilities - that make our babies wondrous to us. We’d love to hear what it is that makes your baby wondrous to you!! Make sure you head over to our Instagram to share the wonders of your little ones with us!!

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