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Alice and I are known for being a little ‘kooky’, we don’t like standing still and we thrive on change. We’ve lived in 6 different houses in Etta’s life and have even gone off to Thailand with the kids for 4 months because … well why not? Etta has just started school though and all of a sudden her school has brought our otherwise ‘floaty’ world firmly back down to earth. The importance of being grounded, of having stability and a safety net for the future are suddenly being pushed to the forefront of our priority list. That being said, you can’t change who you are and Alice and I crave a little crazy from time to time and hate the idea of our money being so tied up that there isn’t room for any moments of crazy.

So that would probably be why we haven’t looked into investments before. We don’t know a lot about them (much to our parents’ horror) but the traditional notion of investments are that they trap your money and that you have to have quite a bit of dosh to start one off. We met with Al from Aviva he talked to us about investing and showed us Wealthify at Aviva and we were really pleasantly surprised!! I already have my car insurance with Aviva and they have always been amazing, I didn’t know that they offered investment services so I was keen to work with them and find out more.

Wealthify at Aviva ticks all the boxes for our family, we’re a little different (we’re pregnant with our 3rd kid, live in a 2 bed flat and are seriously considering getting our second dog …) we like a little mayhem, but we also want security and savings. You can log on 24/7 which is good as investments go up and down in value so being able to log in and see the performance is handy as I could end up with less than I started with. Also we know that we have access to our money and we really don’t need a lump sum to start off our investments. I know that investing is for the medium to long term but it’s always good to know that if we had any emergencies or unexpected expenses, we can withdraw our money.

As much as we think of ourselves as kooky, we’re pretty sure that the fears we have about money and investments are not too dissimilar to yours. But we could be (and love to be) wrong so please let us know: What are you doing with your savings? Would you consider investments? If not why not? If you are investing, how is it going?! Let us know everything by commenting below!

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