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Why we're going for a home birth

We’re going for a home birth this time!! Some people think we’re mad to be so confident after Ezra’s birth complications, but we have a few reasons why this time we’ve opted to stay home.

Firstly, Alice wanted a Birthing Centre birth when we were having Etta but unfortunately there was no room at the inn and we were asked to head downstairs to the Labour Ward where Etta was born quickly and without any issues or complications. Then, when Alice was pregnant with Ezra, with no knowledge of his heart condition, we asked for a home birth but the home birth team were a little worried that we were too far away from home. We went for another Birthing Centre birth but of course, as soon as Ezra’s tachycardias were picked up, we were sent straight downstairs where a FSE monitor was put on his head so that we could carefully monitor his heart during his birth. Interestingly - we were put in the exact same room as when we had Etta which was actually strangely comforting!!

After Ezy’s birth Alice, Ez and most of the time I were in hospital for just over 2 weeks. Etta lived between my parents and Alice’s parents place and her coming into the hospital was just so traumatic for everyone because she always had to go home and because she wasn’t able to see her new brother (children under 6 were not allowed into the NICU during the winter). Etta did amazingly well, she never once showed any jealousy or anything other than love for Ezra despite him taking a huge amount of our concentration (and over Christmas too) and she never asks about that time except to make sure that Ezy’s heart is all better now, but we wanted to try to make sure that she didn’t get any difficult emotions going into a hospital for another baby’s birth.

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